Things I enjoy..

               Universe is something that has perturbed me since my childhood. I still remember how I would stare up in amazement at the universe while polishing my shoes, out in the porch of my house during my school days. 

                   "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" says Carl Sagan.

This "somewhere and something" is what interests me the most. As an engineer, its my objective to work on the frontiers of space.

Missions like GALILEO, SPIRIT, OPPORTUNITY and present researches on MARS SCIENCE LANDER (MSL), MANNED MARS MISSION have always enthralled me. Working on such missions will be a reality if all the pieces fit correctly to the Jigsaw Puzzle of my life!

I am sure you can't resist to check out this link




       "As a matter of fact, any  flying  object  interests  me. Often my room is in total mess while making model paper planes and gliders." 

The Boeing's recent marvel, the 787 Dreamliner project is so fantastic that it seems even a slightest blow from your mouth on its turbine blades can set it to motion! 

Isn't she a beauty?

   Have flown a RC plane for a competition conducted by SAE in March 2009. The plane below is the RC model of Piper J3 Cub with battery powered motor engine.



      Now this is the other side of me! The only way to be in the realms of the universe while still being on earth is through Music.


"Learning Sitar for 2 years now, I have imbibed a sense of fine classical instrumental music. I enjoy collecting different Rags played in different instruments. A collection of more than 30 rags is with me."



In case you feel like listening to a short piece of flute by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, click on the link "salvation" below.


02 salvation (om jai jagdish hare ) .mp3 02 salvation (om jai jagdish hare ) .mp3
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         These were a few specific interests that I have  acquired over a period of time. Apart from these, I enjoy playing cricket. Am a pretty good cricketer myself. 

          I have also developed an interest of getting to know how things work at Corporate levels and what are the prerequisites and skills to fit oneself into the bigger picture of professionals. 





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