Arijeet Banerjee


"An humble knowledge of thyself is a surer way to God than a deep search after learning.- Thomas Kempis  

Born on 12 December 1989 to a middle class family  whose existence  in Central Calcutta, present day  Kolkata  can  be traced back to 300 years. Received primary education from The Army School of Calcutta affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). As a child he was always interested in outer space and universe. He would often gaze at the night sky while polishing his school shoe which was mandatory in The Army School. Probably, the strict discipline that had to be maintained at his school was the reason for his punctuality and disciplined nature. Amidst all this, he was gifted with a  very  happy childhood and wonderful parents that only a few fortunate kids have. Born and brought up in a joint  family  contributed to his wonderful childhood memories that he cherishes even today.

However all this was short lived as he then moved to Chennai at the age of ten under the job circumstances  of  his  father and has been there ever since. He joined Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Chennai  and  went  on to  complete  his  Higher  Senior  Secondary Examinations under CBSE. Life at Chennai was very difficult to start with. Adjusting to the entirely new culture and people was challenging. But it didn’t take much time to get accustomed to a new place. A strong foundation of his values and morals were laid by his mother and Chinmaya Vidyalaya, known for its value based education.

He  has  an  aptitude  to  acclimatize  with  the  competition  and   peer  pressure as many of his teachers recall. However, the competition at IIT’s and NIT’s was too high for him to find a place at the top institutes in the country. He  managed to find a good college under the Anna University with his PCM (Physics-Chemistry-Math) score of 93 percent. Following his dream to reach the outer space in his self designed space vehicle, selected  a  career in engineering  with  Mechanical  Engineering as his majors. Presently  in  his  final  year  of  the  undergraduate  degree, he is  in  the  process of making a promising career in the aerospace industry.

Few  glimpses  of  his  dream  came  true  when  he got the opportunity to present his research paper on design of a low shock supersonic aircraft at the IEEE Aerospace Conference held in The United States on March 2009. It had taken about  one  year  of  hard work, determination  and  enthusiasm  to  make  this  paper of international standards. His father and professors from college has a major role to play in this effort. Presenting  his  paper  amongst the  top  aerospace  scientists and engineers from organizations like NASA, JPL, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon, CAL TECH was truly a dream come true.

With the USA experience still fresh in his memories he is looking forward to finish his degree with good scores and enter the world of professionals and have an opportunity to work with them.

A download able  copy of  Arijeet Banerjee's Resume is present below for your kind reference.

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